Ace of Spades HQ: Major Garrett: I Seem To Recall Obama Telling Us Detroit Was Rebounding

Some of the money quotes:

In other words, the Detroit-area advanced-battery industry Obama said “barely existed before” his 2011 speech now … barely exists.

Obama also saluted the White House decision to make Detroit one of its six pilot cities in the “Strong Cities, Strong Communities” program.

"We’re teaming up with everybody—mayors, local officials, you name it—boosting economic development, rebuilding your communities the best way," Obama said. "This is a city where the great American industry has come back to life and the industries of tomorrow are taking root."

The biggest accomplishment of this program in Detroit is the demolition of a public housing project


This is Obama’s vision of America.  Crumbling industries and failing cities, while he plays another round of golf.

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