Wasserman Schultz’s ‘Jewbag’

The contempt with which the American Jewish community allows itself to be treated is simply beyond belief. President Hussein Obama hires JINO (Jew In Name Only) Debbie Wasserman Schultz to be his party chairman to convince the Jewish community to ignore his anti-Israel policies, and Wasserman Schultz hires one Dani Gilbert, who poses half-naked on Facebook with her ‘Jewbag’ friends (make sure you look up that link). Adam Kredo broke the story - including the disgusting photographs that have since been removed from Facebook - here.

It now turns out that Gilbert is the daughter of an Obama bundler - who for some strange reason did not get an ambassadorship in exchange for his fundraising prowess. I guess this was Daddy’s payoff instead, which is why Wasserman Schultz won’t say anything to Gilbert’s daughter (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).

Danielle “Dani” Gilbert, according to party sources, was tapped by Wasserman Schultz to serve as a liaison to the Jewish community, even though party officials and people close to Obama told her that more senior Democrats were already handling those responsibilities.

Wasserman Schultz has thus far refused to fire or discipline Gilbert, whose gallery of candid photos and personal commentary has since been removed from her public Facebook page, according to Democrats.

“I apologize for any harm postings on my Facebook page made years ago may have caused anyone. I meant no offense,” Gilbert, who is Jewish, posted on Twitter Thursday.

Forget Gilbert for a minute - she’s a blip on the map. What this story shows is that the Obama administration has learned nothing in the last three years. They don’t even bother to check people’s Facebook pages before they hire them. Remember Van Jones? Chas Freeman? Is that the kind of gross negligence that deserves to stay in power for four more years?

Or perhaps, worse still, they thought - like Obama’s anti-Semitic friends - that ‘Jewbags’ are good for money and could care less how contemptuously you treat them. Perhaps that’s how they see the American Jewish community: As a source of unquestioning financiers who will continue to support Mr. Contraception regardless of how contemptuously he behaves toward the Jewish community at large.

What could go wrong?

via: IsraelMatzav

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