Joe Scarborough: Top Senate Dems have told me privately that Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing « Hot Air


That’s because … he does not know what he’s doing.

And a whole lot of people, including yours truly, warned everybody about this self-anointed loser back in 2008.

Which means we were right, and even Senate Democrats admit that now.

But the media was much too busy digging in dumpsters in Alaska looking for dirt on Sarah Palin to investigate Obama’s radical roots. This was a dereliction of duty. An embarrassment. 

Question for you Obama voters, how’s that Hope ‘n’ Change working out for ya?

A politician, spewing bullshit in order to buy your votes. Couldn’t see that coming, eh?

You were played for fools. Obama and his handlers knew they could use your white guilt against you and get a whole bunch of naive white folks to vote for a radical Marxist who has never earned an honest dollar in his life.

Well played!

So some democrats are finally figuring out what Conservatives have known since early in the 2008 election cycle.

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