Texas Muslim charged with terroristic threats in Walmart Easter bombscare lockdown - Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs


AKA: I want the taxpayers to eat up the student loan debt so half of the kids can succeed and the other half can quite simply piss it away because it’s free.  

She is right that it is obscene that the government can collect interest on student loans (although she sees nothing wrong with the government stealing money from the taxpayer in other ways), but she rather just give it away like candy on our dime.  

Here’s an idea lady…get the government out of the loan business altogether.  Let those students, foolish enough to throw away their money on student loans, deal with private banks instead.  The government has enough problems.  That’s too simple of a plan for her, she doesn’t understand solutions unless the government is involved. 

Wanna see the price of college go down? Stop handing out government to loans to anyone to study anything, no matter how useless that degree is.

How much longer would colleges give out degrees in underwater basket weaving if they knew the students in the program no longer could get federally backed loans to pay the colleges up front.

If the colleges had to back those loans, they wouldn’t be loaning money to women’s studies majors or psychology majors.  

That money would go to science majors who could actually get  job that would pay them enough to pay the college back.

(Source: sandandglass)

WSJ: California Politicians Looting Cap and Trade Fund

Coalition of U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Groups Forms Voting Bloc/MB Political Party


Well, isn’t that special.

Shouldn’t be too long before we see some major boot licking and butt kissing (I mean, more than usual) from leftists towards these terror supporting organizations and the racheting up of censorship and accusations of “Islamophobia” towards anyone who doesn’t immediately grovel down and submit to these fascists.

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