Crystal Mangum, Duke Lacrosse Rape Accuser, Found Guilty In Boyfriend’s Murder

In 2006, Crystal Mangum falsely claimed Duke lacrosse players gang-raped her at a team party where…

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She should have been in prison for the false rape accusations. But at least she’ll finally get a taste of prison life now.

too bad she had to…you know… kill a man to get there. had she gone to prison for the rape accusations… he might still be alive

That’s what I was thinking. Even before the Duke rape hoax, she had a long history of lying to LEOs and various other crimes. Really, she shouldn’t even have been on the streets when she made the false accusations.

Why isn’t the media giving this that same attention as the original Duke case? Here a man was actually murdered. Karma though gets you sooner or later.


Remember kids, “The Patriarchy” is a talking point created by feminists, not a governing body or principle that manifests in reality.

When a feminist claims to be is fighting “The Patriarchy”, she is fighting against a figment of her own imagination.

Let’s fight against real things, like world hunger, or cancer, or pseudo-intellectuals who make false claims about the way society functions.


Replace the word “patriarchy” with “illuminati” and their rants make more sense

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